Indigenous Communities in West Bengal, India (Purulia District)

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I was so excited when I came to know that multiple Indigenous communities (Scheduled Tribes in India) living in close contact with cooperation in a single block namely Balarampur block of Purulia District of West Bengal, India during my fieldwork in the year 2016. Then I decided to meet all ethnic groups and I was succeeded. By observing them, I was wondering how they are living side by side withdifferent socio-cultural background with unique adaptability. This is a big story and unique opportunity to conduct research! Please contact if anyone interested. The groups are-

IMG-20161225-WA0012 The Birhor (Primitive Tribal Group)

IMG_4453 The Santal

IMG_4545 The Bhumij

IMG_4547 The Munda

IMG_4556 The Kheria Sabar

IMG_4559 The Mahali

IMG_4570 The Bedia

IMG_4572 The Kora Mudi

IMG_4575 The Hill Paharia